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None Really! Enjoy normal intimacy, doesn't every one. Would love to have femal friend that gets it.

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Age 4 mother puts on me my sisters new tutu and dress and her white anklets and patent leather shoes.   The beginning of 61 years of living with the knowledge that I was born Exgender.  shocked at age 5 when sister and I started to look different, yah know.  Not by much. Walking in on my uncles secret closet and him looking like Mom and living my life in abusive foster care that continued the little girl falicies in private.  Then one day walking home from playing on country farm, I found a playboy type magazine in the ditch.  My life changed.  I loved baby setting because the mothers all had beautiful undergarment and dresses that fit my young body perfectly, I was really cute.  But what was I, then sexually abuse by my Junior high brother totally sent me a new direction.

Here I am a Left leaning Conservative that carries a gun in my bra,  It what we call a Teddy Roosevelt Progessive.

I love to match up locally, still sing in Baptist Choirs,  so now you know my sin.  Some day I’ll know if it was covered that day I confessed to my Bible camp leader and accepted Christ.   Purging and Phycological help doesn’t help.

Reading “TWO HUMAN SPECIES EXIST” by DR. Eldine Morton. Explained a lot of why we do what we do.   I believe everyone Trans, Bi Crossdresser or Straight read this and then remember all the item breeding done in all family Ancestries in last 1000 years, not all played banjos.

So if you have a house in Mples area and rent basements etc or a Penthouse with at lease two rooms and separate bathroom, hey I’m game.

Just had Back Surgery and am being creative on how I want my Tat to look.  Working with a 12″ sraight Scar from the crack of the butt up.   Dr’s going to be looking so I need to justify, yah know what I mean?  An arrow won’t do it.  :  )