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Mature Crossdresser




Clean Disease Free Passable Fit Crossdressers, Pretty Fit Females into Crossdressers, Shemales, Crossdressers & Wives.


Nipples (Real or Breast Forms) Poking Out & Showing Through Tight Sexy Dresses, Luscious Lingerie, Sexy Tops, Sensuous Blouses, Lacy Satin Bras, Etc. Dressing Up White or Pink Lace Satin Lingerie From Toes To Neck & The Feel Of Knowing Hands Touching Me All Over & Returning The Pleasure! .

About me

Would Love to meet at A Club with Both of Us Gurls Dressed To The Nines! We could Chat about how Truly Liberating it is Being Out & Showing Our True Feminine Sides! Perhaps We Could Share With Each Other – Female To Female – our Back Stories of When & How We Began To Realize & Come In Touch With Our Femininity! I am sure each of Us Gurls Will Certainly Have Some Similar Stories to Tell Along With Some of Our “Coming In Touch With Our Feminine Side” Stories that will be Quite “Unique” to each of us!  
If We Decide there is a Sex Connect we would Rendezvous at hotel for a night of Playing Dress Up & Hot Passionate Sex!
Here Is One (Of Oh So Many Sissy Scenarios)! Once Inside The Privacy of Our Hotel Room Our Sissy Wet Lip Stick Mouth’s would Kiss. Slow, Passionate, Tongue Teasing Kisses that would Arouse & Awaken our True Erotic Sissy Sexual Urges! The Taste of Each Others Sexy Sissy Lip Stick Would Further Arouse Our Inner Sissy Selves As Our Long Polished Fingernails Would Be Intimately Exploring Each Others Lingerie Wearing Sissy Bodies! Those Sublime Sexual Thoughts Turn Into The Sex Satiating Reality Of Being A True Sissy With One Objective: Sexually Satisfy Each Others Sissy Personas!
I Want So Badly To Touch, Stroke, Caress & Explore Your Beautiful & Oh So Sexy Sissy Body! I Want, I Need To Find Your Secreted Sissy Cock Tucked In Your Silky Panties! Feeling & Softly Stoking Its Now Bulging Outline Is Too Much For Me!
I Reach In & Delicately Bring Your Sissy Cock Out Of Your Panties & Stoke Your Growing Sissy Cock! My Sissy Mouth Has A Mind Of Its Own & I Lick Your Sissy Cock With My Tantalizing Tongue!  Taking My Time to Lovingly Lick, Suck & Deep Throat your Glistening Sissy Cock & Balls! When My Lip Sticked Lips, Teasing Tongue & my Warm Wet Mouth has been Fully Satiated &  Gratified I finally stop & –
Wwwell, Wait a Sucking Minute! No! That was such a Fucking Turn On!  I Am A Naughty Naughty Sissy Slut & I  just Have To Suck Your Beautiful  Dripping Sissy Cock Again! I mean, Come On!. Your Oh So Yummy Sissy Cock is now So Very Very Very Erect, Hard, Long & Dripping with Slick Sweet Pre Come that I just Could Not Resist Deep Throating your Pretty Sissy Cock Again & Again & Again!
Fuck! My Sissy Cock Is So Very Fucking Hard Too When You Take Your Sissy Hand & Stroke My Cock Like A Naughty Sissy Whore! Fuck! I So Love It!
Then you take Your Big, Throbbing, Gorging, Cum Filled Sissy Cock & Sweetly Fuck my Eagerly Waiting, Tight, Well Lubed, Quivering Sissy Ass – Slowly at first & then Deeper & Deeper & Harder & Harder – making me Groan & Moan With Sexual Desire Such As I Have Never Felt Before!
I Order You To Keep Fucking My Tight Sissy Ass So I Can Feel The Frenzied Delight Of Your Sissy Cum Filling Cock Pounding & Pleasuring Me Over & Over & Over! I Tell You To Fuck My Sissy Ass with Your Sissy Cock However Or Whatever way your Sweet Sissy Heart Desires!
With My Sissy Ass on My Sissy Stomach, on My Sissy Back, on All Sissy Fours, Sissy Moi’ Sitting on Your Sissy Lap With Your Hard Sissy Cock Pounding My Sissy Slut Ass, with Sissy Moi’ Standing Up with Your Sissy Hard Cock Slamming My Sissy Hot Ass from Behind or in Front or with Sissy Moi’ Bent Over Anything! So long as Your Sissy Throbbing Hard Cock Keeps Ramming My Tight Sissy Naughty Whore Ass until I hear your Sissy Voice telling me Your Big Sissy Cock is Going To Cum in My Sissy Tight Ass!
Then that Magical Moment of Sissified Ecstasy! Two Sissy Gurls Cum In Glorious Sissy Sexual Unison! Your Cum Filled Sissy Cock Exploding With Gush After Gush of Your Oh So Very Sweet Warm Sissy Cum Filling Up Moi’s Eagerly Awaiting Sissy Cum Dripping Ass which is Purposely Puckering Up & Clenching On To Your Gushing Sissy Cumming Tool!
Oh Fuck Me You Fucking Sissy Fucking Slut! Fuck Me! Fuck My Sissy Tight Whore Ass You Sissy Slut! I Absolutely Have To Keep your Divine Sissy Slut Cock a Prisoner In Moi’s Sissy Whore Ass! My Pleasured Sissy Ass Teasing every Fucking Last Delicious Drop of Your Sissy Honey Cum Squirting Into My Welcoming Sissy Ass with each Intense Spasm Of Your Rock Hard Engorged Sissy Cock!
At The Same Time My Sissy Slut Cock Is Exploding Cum Out Of My Rock Hard Sissy Slut Cock & Into My Waiting Hand! Every Single Drop Of My Sissy Cum Lays In My Cupped Trembling Hand & I Eagerly Bring It Up To My Sweet Sissy Lips & Mouth & Lap Up Every Drop Of My Honey Dew Cum With My Sissy Slut Tongue! It Tastes So Fucking Delicious! God What A Sissy Rush!
Now Your Sissy Cock Is Relaxing Inside My Tingling Sissy Ass & I Feel It Slide Out Of My Oh So Pleasured Sissy Ass With Your Warm Sissy Honey Cum Dripping Out Of & Down My Sissified Ass!
We Kiss Each Other Passionately As We Settle Down On The Soft Bed. Each Of Us A Satisfied Sissy As We Fall Into A Peaceful Slumber Dreaming Of All Things SISSY!!
In The Morning I Awake & My Sissy Slut Is Sucking My Hard As a Rock Sissy Cock! A Beautiful Way To Start The Day & With So Much More Sexual Sissy Delights To Cum! I Can’t Wait To Feel My Sissy Hard Cock Sliding Into Your Tight Sissy Ass! Yummy Warm Sissy Cum For Breakfast! I Can Already Taste It! Oh Wait! That’s Just the Sissy Cum Leftovers From Last Night!
Make That FRESH Warm Sissy Cum For Breakfast! A Throbbing Rock Hard Sissy Cock In My Drooling Sissy Mouth!
Now That Really Will Be Oh So Very Yummy!