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I first crossdressed in 1968, refer to myself as a tranny, and have been branded as transphobic by “liberal allies” and many in the small community here, who seem to think that ranting about pronouns makes friends. The most important lesson I’ve learned about a trans lifestyle is No Whining – if you put your energy into being a victim, into hiding, into making excuses – well, you’ll not get a tenth of the gratification you can experience when you put on your Big Girl Boots and suck it up. Take responsibility for your own life! This is all about being gender-enhanced, not that sick terminology about dysphoria – there’s nothing wrong with being trans! But if that tranny is a jerk, then that’s just another jerk, innit?
The essentials? Dimensionally, I’m 163cm tall (that’s 5’4″) , shoe slut and fashion victim, strongly right-wing and proud to be Canadian, sixty-something non-smoker living with IPF, have yet to indulge in any formal paint-and-shoot events, and value my love life greatly. Transitioning isn’t in my future, though I readily admit to being a romantic, genderqueer, bisexual, submissive slut – but that’s only because Milady and Himself get a few giggles out of the situation. We love each other greatly, and tell each other that every time we chat. We’ve not bred and make the effort to get along.
Fair warning – no karaoke, no drag games, no celebrities, no television, and little trans socializing are the rules.