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Lesbian Strap On Sissy, Panty Sissy, Panty Queen, Panty n Bra, Nylons n Heels Sissy Model, Submissive Sissy, Naughty, Naughty, Girly Gay Teasing Sissy Slut, FemDom Sissy She-Male Slave


Monrovia, CA


Retro Vintage Lingerie Lesbian Panty Sissies like me; Strap On Sissies; FemDom Strap On Mistress; Dominant Females, She Males; Lingerie Teasing Sissies; Forced Bondage Sissygasm


Strap On Worship, FemDom Lesbian Pussy Worship, FemDom Lesbian Analingus, Panties, Shimmering Nylon Panty Briefs, Sheer Panty Briefs, Sheer Panty Teasing, Matching Shimmering Panty Girdle & Bra Sets, Heels, Nylons over Sheer to the Shimmering Waist Pantyhose, Bondage Sissygasm, She Cock Teasing Torment, Forced Sissy Cunt

About me

I am an intelligent well adjusted Lesbian Panty Sissy, Panty, Bra, Nylons n Heels Sissy. I love being a Panty Sissy, Panty Queen, Panty Model. I love TS/TG, She-Male-Female Lesbians. I am also on TS Dating as ‘AlephNull’; I am also a Sissy Cunt (Forced fold and tuck under tight shimmering matching panty girdle, tight shimmering Nylon Panty Briefs) and can remain so for hours! I dream of female-shemale worship. I love long teasing petting sessions in panties n bra, heels, nylons, slips, sheer lingerie. I love Lesbian Soapy Sheer Panty Teasing; Bondage Sissygasm; Sissy Cunt Bondage Vibrator Teasing. Sissy Cunt Slapping; Prolonged Exquisite She Cock Bondage Lingerie Teasing!¬†Naughty Sissy Tease Spanking!