The Gig

Sasha was taking a hard nine inches up the ass, sucking on a big ten inch cock and had another guy sucking her off. I moved around all three of them and clicked off pictures as fast as I could, catching all the action. She watched me as I moved around, seeing the obvious signs …

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Cum Slut

“Suck him for me.” He said grabbing her hair and guiding her face down onto the tied man’s hard cock. “Suck him good and make me proud.” He whispered in her ear and she began to suck and lick him with great effort to please her master. Her master leaned close and watched the hard …

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I knelt down in front of her, nude, my hard cock head bouncing up and down with my breathing. I was so excited, I could barely control myself. Her panties were black rubber and kept her well in place but, I knew the secret treasure they held and wanted it so badly. I clasped my hands …

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